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Yemen crisis

After more than five years of continuous conflict, Yemen's health system is on the brink of collapse. More than 17.9 million people (out of the total population of 30 million) were in need of health care services in 2020 and this number is likely to increase in 2021.

Only 50% of health facilities are fully functioning and those that remain open lack qualified health staff, basic medicines, medical equipment like masks and gloves, and oxygen and other

essential supplies. WHO works alongside health authorities and other partners to support primary healthcare services in priority districts. This support has enabled more people to access health care, including vulnerable people in remote areas. Without this, many people would have to travel several hours to reach their closest facility.

WHO continues to support health authorities in responding to the ongoing cholera outbreak, including case management; surveillance and laboratory investigations; vaccination campaign planning; water, sanitation, and hygiene and risk communication. We are also supporting routine and specialized vaccination campaigns to protect children under one year of age from life-threatening diseases, including diphtheria, cholera and polio.

Yemen - Humanitarian Response plan

June- December 2020

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