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The troubles of 2020 have meant that malnutrition rates amongst children in Yemen, already amongst the worst in the world, have skyrocketed.

At nine months old, Nour weighed just five kilograms, which is the average weight of a baby aged between two and three months. She was immediately referred to the UNICEF-supported Maeen Medical Complex for treatment. There, she was given supplementary nutrition, treatment for coexisting infections and a thorough checkup. 

Since then, after four months of treatment, she is gaining weight and has already put well over a kilo and has even taken her first steps. Most importantly, her doctors are confident that she is no longer at risk of literally starving to death. 

"It's an indescribable feeling as you watch your child recover from an illness that ravaged its body. I feel happy that my baby regained her health and started moving, toddling and playing," says Souad. 

Help Protect Children like Nour 

Did you know that nutrition centres like the UNICEF supported Maeen Medical Complex, where Nour was treated, are funded by UNICEF supporters, just like you? 

Our Global Parents, a community of almost 30,000 dedicated supporters who donate each and every month, are making a real and tangible difference in the lives of the world's most vulnerable children. 

For the past two years UNICEF, other United Nations agencies as well as NGOs, have been able to roll-back the worst famine in a generation by providing massive amounts of humanitarian assistance and working with authorities to stabilise the economic factors driving the crisis. Hundreds and thousands of Yemeni lives have been saved but funding is now limited and we need your help.  

Please consider joining our growing family of Global Parents, and you will help children like Nour return from the brink of starvation to toddle, laugh and grow. Choose to create a world where no child is left to starve, because of war, conflict, displacement or COVID-19. 

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