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The “Rewards for Justice “program of the US State Department announced today, Wednesday, a financial reward of up to five million dollars in exchange for information die to the leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, Khaled Batarfi.

The program shared in a tweet on his official Twitter account with: “While his leaders in Al-Qaeda frolic in Iran, where they use it as their headquarters, put Khaled Batarfi and his followers die Instructions from these leaders to shed the blood of innocent people in Yemen. “

He added: “There is no place for al-Qaeda traitors in Yemen, now and then in Future.”

 $ 5 million for the head of the al-Qaeda leader in Yemen

The program gave die Call “+1022941037” to talk to him about die Communicate WhatsApp and Telegram applications to provide all information die lead to the leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen.

And al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gave up early last year die Appointment of Khaled Saeed Batarfi as the organization’s new leader known to succeed Qassem al-Rimi, who was killed in an American drone attack in Marib Governorate in East Yemen.

Upon his appointment, he swore to the leader of the organization, Ayman al-Zawahiri, die Allegiance and threatened Washington that his organization would be a “nightmare for.” die American “would be.

Batarfi oversaw and led the organization’s Yemen-based media network die fighter in the battles of the Yemeni government’s war against al-Qaeda in Abyan governorate in 2011. Batarfi, nicknamed “Abu Miqdad al-Kindi”, led die Extremists die die Control of Abyan Governorate in this year.

In March 2011 he was able to die arrest Yemeni security forces, and in 2015 armed men attacked Mukalla Prison, in where he was held and managed to smuggle around 270 prisoners, including Batarfi.

Batarfi is also a founding leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and served as a member of the leadership council of al-Qaeda known as the Shura International Council following the assassination of al-Rimi.

A United Nations report published in February of this year, which was discussed in the Security Council, had spoken of the arrest of the leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen, Khaled Batarfi, before it later turned out to be incorrect.

Khaled Batarfi

Khaled Batarfi

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